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Discovering the Beauty of the Beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd

If you have ever been to the area of North Hollywood, CA, and wondered about the neighboring Mission Viejo, CA, you should really stop in the area of Sacramento, California and check out the Church of the Good Shepherd. If you have never heard of this church, the name might seem a little odd, but if you are familiar with the early history of the United States and the word “good” as used in that context, it is bound to sound like the ideal location for a church. The fact that this church was established in 1847 by Nathan Johnson, a wealthy landowner, son of a Methodist minister, and a Keller Williams Presbyterian minister, speak to the success of this place.

The LDS Church grew in popularity in the early twentieth century, and Mission Viejo was one of the first places to receive this influx of religious growth. It was not until 1965 that Mission Viejo became the first church in the state of California to establish an official website, so it is only fitting that the name was chosen for this community’s church. The church itself was founded in the year 1840 by James Edwards and John Humphrey Noyes, both known as “Father Edwards.” According to, “For two years he held forth in Pismo Beach, CA, on matters of doctrine and spirituality, sometimes in informal gatherings, sometimes under the auspices of his own home. He also met privately with some members of the congregation. Father Edwards is thought to have founded the community of Mission Viejo in a mountain valley not far from Lake Laguna, where he lived and labored for nearly forty years.”
The residents of Sacramento, as well as those who live in surrounding areas, were not initially aware of the truth of what was being taught in this church. However, that part of the history is quite clear. Regardless of where you were originally born, it can be said that the residents of Sacramento were never so blessed as to experience the same level of healing and well-being as the members of the Sacramento branch of the Church of the Good Shepherd.
When you are looking at the modern architecture of the area of Sacramento, it is easy to see why the city of Sacramento has been dubbed the “Emerald City.” The architecture here is second to none in the world. There are literally hundreds of buildings in the area that were built as part of the original design of this place.
Many of the people who have made it a home in Sacramento, and those who want to move to the area, also find the location for their homes right in the heart of Saca RD. There are many schools and businesses located around and within Saca RD. If you are looking for a great church in Saca RD, you will find it here.
Another way to view the beauty of this place is to see how it has been affected by the surrounding areas. Because of the wonderful schools and the nearby businesses, many of the businesses in the area have been able to help to take care of those who are in need, particularly those who are in need of medical attention. This is very much evident in the abundance of well-stocked clinics and hospitals throughout the area.
A good number of the community is also fortunate enough to find so many wonderful activities and sports available in Saca RD. In fact, there are several types of sporting events located within the city itself and close to all of the downtown areas. You will be amazed to know just how the sports in Sacramento are so well-liked.
The name of the Good Shepherd is truly a testament to the growth of this community. Many others in other cities have been to this one and they will tell you that they loved it. Come visit Sacramento, CA and see the beautiful area that has been built and it is sure to bring a smile to your face!

May 30, 2020